The Aroma of Quality Tobacco

quality tobacco
Improve your smoking experience with fine cigars from Stag Tobacconists of Albuquerque. We carry some of the most renown brands such as Padron, Fuente, Rocky Patel, Perdomo and many more. For our non-smokers, we also provide our customers with the finest nasal snuff, chewing tobacco, snus, and vaping supplies. Enjoy a cigar or bowl of tobacco in our comfortable lounge.

Premium Cigars

Nothing completes a great day like a fine, relaxing cigar. In our large, walk-in humidor, you find the biggest names in cigars, as well as some of the smaller boutique brands that are increasingly sought-after by aficionados everywhere. Brands such as Padron, Fuente, Rocky Patel, Perdomo and many others can be found in our well-stocked humidor. Our cigar experts choose the finest cigars from around the world, and are able to recommend something that fits every customer's taste profile. For those customers on a budget, we offer an extensive selection of bundle-packed cigars made by companies such as Arturo Fuente™ and Davidoff™. Great deals are always available at our shop, and our box prices include a sizable discount as well.

Tobacco & Related Products:

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Vaping Supplies

Enjoy a good smoke in public without the lingering smell of tobacco. Our electronic cigarettes are an ideal choice when you're looking for an alternative smoking method. Also known as e-cigarettes, these products have risen in popularity recently due to their odorless vapor emission and stylish, sleek look. At Stag Tobacconists of Albuquerque, we are dedicated to meeting your specific smoking needs each and every day. Our inventory of vaping supplies includes:

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