House Blends & Brand Names...Take Your Pick!
When it comes to pipe tobacco we carry our very own house blends as well as some of the better known brands from Peterson, McClelland, Cornell & Diehl and more. 

Learn more about the blends we carry below or come in and explore our large selection. We carry a ridiculous selection of pipe tobacco and would love to share them with you.
Black Cavendish Based Aromatics
Private Reserve
A unique blend of steam and fire cured vanilla Black Cavendish tobaccos, none milder and our most popular. Often imitated, but never duplicated.
Cordon Bleu
A light aromatic blend of steamed cavendish and Eastern Mediterranean tobaccos.
Boss Blend
A lightly aromatic blend of steam cured cavendish, Virginias and a light touch of burley. Mild, yet flavorful with a pleasing aroma.
Black Night
A well-rounded blend of Virginias, mellow burley, and a steamed cavendish with the aroma and flavor of black raspberries.
Oso Negro
A steam-cured black cavendish with the flavor and aroma of vanilla. Cool and mild.
More House Aromatics...
Black Cordial: Air cured burleys from Mexico and flue-cured Virginias from Brazil and the U.S. blended with the sweet taste of fruit and brandy. A real crowd-pleaser!

Cherry Pie- A burley-based blend with the aroma of cherry pie! Enjoy!

Imperial Cherry-Enjoy the taste of vanilla, chocolate and cherries in this blend of Virginia, Burley and mild Cavendish.

Bubbly- Bright Virginias with mellow Burleys and some sweet black Cavendish. Add a combination of French berry flavors for a light aromatic blend.

Kahlua- A mild blend of cavendish and Virginias sweetened with Kahlua and Amaretto. A treat for the tastebuds.
Creamy Pumpkin Pie - Enjoy the taste of pumpkin pie with whipped cream in this blend. A lovely balance of sweet pumpkin, vanilla and spice topped with cream.

Maple- A light cavendish and burley blend with the aroma of maple syrup. A cool and mild smoke!

Peach Cobbler-The name describes it all! Black and light Cavendish combined with the sweet aroma of peaches

Pistachio- Blended with the world’s finest quality Red Virginia tobaccos and a touch of Black Cavendish. Loose Ribbon cut, Pistachio nut flavor.

Royal Vanilla-The sweetness of Cavendish tobacco combined with vanilla gives this blend a delightful, mild and sweet smoke.

Virginia Supreme- Something a little different. Ribbon cut golden Virginias of the highest quality. Mildly aromatic.
#1- A blend of cool-burning black cavendish and pure burley to add a slightly nutty taste.

#2- Toasted black cavendish forms the base with bright cavendish and Virginia added. Subtle black cherry rounds out this blend.

#3- Here's a burley blend with a great aroma without burley's traditional bite!

#4- Golden Virginia, burley, and toasted cavendish are blended to create a lightly aromatic, medium-bodied smoke.

#5- A Virginia and black cavendish blend, with a hint of vanilla and rum. Pleases the palate!
Norwegian PT- Milder Virginia tobaccos, air-cured burley, and fine oriental tobaccos blended into a mild mixture.

Danish PT- A quality blend of Virginias from 3 continents.

Turkish PT- Delicate turkish from the Black Sea coast blended with Virginias.

Dutch PT- A spicy blend of fire-cured Kentucky and rich Virginia tobaccos.

El Dorado PT- A finecut, light-bodied Virginia Blend.

Golden Dutch PT-A finecut blend of golden Virginias and fire-cured Dutch tobacco.

Navy Flake: A traditional flake cut of the finest Virginias from the U.S., Brazil and Africa.

Kentucky Coins: Whole Virginia leaves with a center of dark-fired Kentucky. Coin cut.
Virginia Red Cake
Aged Virginias make this a great blending tobacco or enjoyed on its own!

Virginia Straight
The natural sweet taste of Virginia is found in this blend of 11 of the top flue-cured Virginia tobacco grades.

Spicy Louisiana perique perfect for blending

Add some body to your favorite blend with smoky, blending latakia.
Baker Street- Black cavendish and Carolina tobaccos are blended with dark cyprian latakia. Medium to full-bodied.

Crown Achievement- This Balkan blend is comprised of the finest Virginia, Mahalla, Dubac and Mountain Leaf Latakia.

Doc’s Blend- a mild blend of black Cavendish, and just enough perique and latakia to satisfy. A great introduction to English blends.

French Quarter-unique English Blend of Mocha Slices, Latakia, and Perique. A satisfying spicy smoke.

Essex-A fine blend of oriental tobaccos and plenty of latakia to satisfy.

Medal of Valor-A heavy presence of specially selected latakia with loose and cross-cut Virginias, Burley, and hints of Oriental and Perique.

Oriental Blend-A classic English Mixture of Flue-cured African Virginias, black Cavendish, Mexican burleys, Cyprian Latakia with spicy Turkish Samsun.

Summer Crown-Enjoy this lighter version of Crown Achievement! We’ve added just enough sweet, golden Virginia to the traditional Balkan blend.

Sneaky Rabbit-A mild English blend of flue-cured and aged Virginias, sweet black Cavendish, US and African burleys, Cyprian latakia, Turkish and a touch of perique.
All are made in Denmark and additive-free. Packaged in 40g bags as well as 150g. cans. Papers included.

Danish Shag- A blend of superior Virginias from 3 continents.

Dutch Shag- A spicy, full-bodied blend of fire-cured Kentucky and rich Virginias. A smooth full-flavored halfzware.

Norwegian Shag- A blend consisting of mild Virginias, some air-cured burley, and fine Oriental tobaccos. 

Turkish Export- Delicate Turkish samsun grown on the Black Sea coast, blended with aged Virginia tobaccos for a complex smoke.

Soho Shag- A full-bodied blend of rich Virginia tobaccos (light Halfzware).

Swedish Shag- A full-bodied smoke featuring Virginia tobaccos blended with dark fire-cured for a full-flavored smoke.

Something different...Stag's Organic Herbal Mixture: A hand-blended mixture of Mullein, Spearmint, Lavender, Sage and Anise Seed in a 25g bag. Great for rolling or in your pipe!

Pow-Wow: Our Organic Herb mix with additive free Virginia tobacco.
Whole-leaf Chewing Tobacco is available in the following flavors: Moonshine Whiskey, Tennessee Original, Tequila Sunrise, Cherry, Peach, Apple, Whiskey, Butternut, Vanilla, and Natural. All are grown specifically for chew: no scrap tobaccos used!

Our pipe tobaccos are hand-blended, and packaged in s
everal sizes...
40g, 200g , and 400g bags. Custom blending available!
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